Environmental technology

There are many environmental issues, such as noise and vibration problems, air pollution, waste, soil and water contamination and consumption of energy. Furthermore, they involve the quality of the indoor environment of factories and offices. These issues require competent management. Relevant management tools are environmental auditing, the implementation of management systems, environmental risk analysis, impact studies and environmental permits.

The indoor environment may be monitored within the framework of an integrated strategy, incorporating all relevant aspects of working conditions such as noise, vibration, light, temperature, ventilation, air quality and ergonomics.

Peutz is able to perform adequate and thorough investigations with respect to complex environmental problems. It is very important that solutions will not cause new problems in other fields; an integrated view is unavoidable. Peutz has a range of specialists who are experienced in many aspects of environmental problems including dealing with government departments for the granting of such Environmental Permits as may be necessary, resulting in solutions which are acceptable with respect to environment, cost, risks and implementation.