Air quality

Legislation in many countries sets limits to the amounts of airborne emissions, depending on the nature of the emitted substances. These pollutants can be odorous or environmentally harmful.

Using state-of-the-art measuring equipment, we can identify sources of air pollution and make an analysis of the emissions of a production process. Measurements in combination with wind tunnel experiments and complex computer models may be used to determine pollution levels at various and complex locations.

If necessary, state-of-the-art process integrated, source oriented or end-of-pipe solutions can be designed. (From an environmental point of view, the prevention of emissions is preferable to an end-of-pipe solution, although in most cases the latter can be more cost-effective.) Viable end-of-pipe technologies include cyclones, various types of filters, separators, scrubbers and afterburners.

Peutz makes an inventory of the sources of pollution by measuring the emissions and subsequently examine the compound of the emitted gasses. In order to record/chart the distribution of air pollution in complex situations, we make measurements in situ and on models in the wind tunnel, furthermore we use specialized computer models, developed by Peutz amongst others. The results of provisions are calculated, integrated or separate facilities and provisions are dimensioned and the final results are tested.