Climatic chambers

Peutz has two climatic chambers with the following dimensions:

  • l x w x h = 9 x 3,6 x 3,25 m3
  • l x w x h = 5,4 x 4,3 x 3,2 m3

These rooms can be used for research on:

  • The performance of ventilation, heating, or cooling (koeltechnische) components of comfort installations such as air supply ornaments, air grates, climatic ceilings, refrigeration convectors or fancoilunits;
  • Mock-up of installations for actual projects with regard to thermal comfort and capacity;
  • The influence of the building envelope on the thermal comfort (cold down draughts, air infiltration);
  • The interaction of technical installations with the architectural construction (heat accumulation and heating-up performance);
  • Product development.
  • Tests can be supported by infrared thermography.